Skin Therapy

A superb new approach to sophistacted skin care. Factors responsible for the aging process of humans, besides genetic aging, are enviromental fators, improper nutrition and stress. Seen after one's 25th birthday the skin unnoticeably changes its structure - and so the aging process begins. The cells regeneration slows down, cells loose their capability to bind moisture. The tauteness of the elastic fibers is reduced and collagen production is decreased. As a result, the skin becomes thinner and fine lines and wrinkles begin to form.

skin therapy piccolo spaskin therapy piccolo spa

 Nobody on the planet can stop this aging process, but we can postpone it about 10 years. How? Take care of ourself; good nutrition, exercise, positive attitude, and the right skin care products depending on your skin type and conditions.

 Well trained estheticians at Piccolo Spa & Hair give you advice to improve your skin condition. The needs of most may simply be mantaining usefull youthfull healthy skin. Others may suffer from very dry, sensitive, allergic skin or conditions such as rosacea or acne. In every case estheticians provide effective customized treatment in avery relaxing stress-free environment.

skin therapy piccolo spa

 One of Piccolo's signature treatments to begin with is the Herbal Enzyme Peel prior to any facial. It works as a deep exfoliant. The skin is then able to better absorb all following applications in the salon and at home as well. Skin will look hydrated and supple.

 We have the broadest range of European products to effectively meet each specific skin care needs and all clients' cosmetic requirements.

Among them :

1. Klapp 5. Dr. Eckstein
2.Ahava 6. Nelly De Vuyst
3. Plantogen 7. Shira-Omega 3
4. Dr. Grandel 8. Germaine De Capuccini