Service Brochure

Skin Therapy

European Facial - 55 min. $ 60/Series of 6 $ 290
Relaxing, effective treatment includes skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, extractions, face, neck, shoulder and hand massage, followed by a therapeutic mask.

Petite Facial - 30 Min,$ 40
A no fuss, deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment, followed with a special mask.

Aromatherapy Facial - 55min. $ 70
The power of scents are used to influence the emotions and restore wellness and tranquility to the body. The finest blends of essential oils and vitamens are used. This treatment includes cleansing, toning, a pressure point face massage, leaving the skin revitalized and supple.

European Oxygen Facial - 70 min. $ 70
Oxygen is essential for life and vital to beauty. This treatment will change the function and appearance of the skin by improving color and clarity with a lasting effect.

Instant Face Lift 55 Min$ 80, Set of 3 $ 225
Safe, effective treatment using Hyaluronic Acid that technically designed to penetrate rapidly and work intensively on all types of wrinkles. Result: Skin will look firmer, dewy, and youger.

Pure Collagen Facial - 55 min. 20 min. $ 75
A collagen application incorporated with the European facial. The collagen helps to immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines, helps restore a fresh, vibrant, young look.

Men’s Executive Facial - 55 min. $ 60
A deep cleansing and softening facial for skin irritated by daily shaving and environmental exposure. Includes face, neck, shoulder, and hand massage, followed by a customized mask that helps to smooth rough skin texture.

Glycolic Peel - 55 min.– single $ 55/series of 6 $ 288
This treatment works as a mild peel to exfoliate the dull, dry, dead cellular layer. Helps reverse undesirable aging skin changes such as fine lines, sun damage, a hyper pigmentation. Studies are now showing that glycolic acid can help to stimulate collagen production, much like younger skin.

Piccolo Four Layer Facial - 80 min.$ 85
A therapeutic anti-aging treatment that re-hydrates, revitalizes and rebalances the skin using nourishing properties of the Sea and the Earth, The four layer facial includes seaweed mask and a warm mineral mask to boost absorption.

Manuel Microdermabrasion - 50 min. $ 60 / 30 min.$ 40
Safe, effective crystal peel for even the most sensitive skin. Gently and progressively re-surfaces the skin to reduce fine lines, erase skin discoloration, refine enlarged pores and control mild acne.

European Acne Treatment 55 min. $ 70
Series of 3 - $ 175
European deep cleansing facial, tailored for a teen and adult problem skin. Purifying mask and anti-bacterial high frequency are included.

Rosacea Facial 55 min. $ 70
Intense treatment used to reduce skin discomfort, irritation and redness. Restores suppleness, leaving the skin calm and refreshed.

Revitalizing Seaweed facial 75 min. $ 75
Exposure to the sun, pollution and daily grime leave the skin sensitive and dehydrated, Seaweed is rich in trace elements, helps to hydrate, tone, stimulate cellular exchange and fortifies the dermis deep within the skin.

Back Cleansing Facial 55 min. $ 60
Enjoy pampering your back: deep pore cleansing, exfoliating almond scrub, extractions if needed, a back massage, followed by a soothing therapeutic mask. Excellent for teens, adult problem skin and sports enthusiasts.

Extra Intensifiers

Herbal Enzyme Peel $ 35
Unique blend of herbs designed to dissolve the top layer of dead skin. Leaving skin supple and dewy, skin looks super clean and renewed. *Advisable to have enzyme peel every three to four months.

Eye Lifting Treatment 20 min. $ 25
An extraordinary European treatment using two 23 kt. gold plated cold and warm Golden Spoons. Alternating cold and warm stimulus effectively refreshes your skin, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, eliminating puffiness and lighten dark circles.

Foot Reflexology $ 1 per min.
Therapeutic technique that focuses on specific pressure points of the feet which correspond to all glands, organs and parts of the body to release tension and enhance overall health.

Paraffin Foot Treatment $ 15
This luxurious warm paraffin treatment locks in moisture, as it soothes and softens your feet. Warm booties added for relaxation.

Body Treatments

European Back Massage with Steam 30min. $ 40
The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing munipulation of the greater intensity than with regular massage. Exfoliation with warm salt scrub, followed by unique Russian techniques, releasing tension and discomfort on the back.

Aromatherapy Body treatment 55min. $ 60
The use of essential oils are applied by circular motion to the body to stimulate circulation, renew energy, relax and calm.

NEW Parafango Mud Therapy 55 min. $ 65-up/Series of 10 $ 550-up
Paraffin mixed with micromized sea mud. It has great cleansing, healing and detoxifying effect. Sooths muscular and arthritic pain, very effective anti-cellulite treatment, reshapes and reconditions the silhouette.

Oleaslim Cellulite Wrap 55 min. $ 65
Series of 6 - $ 360
The active ingredients in this treatment improve circulation, remove toxins, excellent for toning, tightening and inch loss. Will help get rid of the appearance of a dimpled look. For maximum results a series of treatments are recommended.

Detoxifying Mud Wrap 55 min. $ 65
A complete body wrap with natural mud from the Dead Sea rich in minerals, will detoxify, purify, and hydrate the skin.

Piccolo Salt Glow 25min. $ 30
An invigorating full body scrub using dead sea salts and essential oils. Improves circulation, and is ideal before any body treatment.

Purifying Seaweed Body Wrap 55 min. $ 65
Seaweed rich in minerals and enzymes eliminates dead skin cells and releases impurities. Helps to improve skin elasticity and increases hydration while restoring cellular balance.

Chocolate Body Wrap 55 min. $ 65
Provides the skin with re-mineralizing, energizing experience, feeling silky smooth.

Hair Services


Women’s Haircut Starting at $ 25
Men’s Haircut Starting at $ 18
Childerns Haircut (under 10 years old) Starting at $ 12
Senior Citizen Discounts Available

Wash and Blowdry Starting at $ 24
Flattening Iron $ 20
Up-Do's, Bridal/Prom formal Starting at $ 35
Bride $ 70

Hair Colour
Virgin Application Starting at $ 65
Colour Re-touch Starting at $ 50
Full Head Foils Starting at $ 75
Half Head Foils Starting at $ 45

Hair Treatment
Dry Scalp Treatment $ 20
Chlorine/Mineral removal $ 20
Deep Conditioning $ 20
Karatin protein straightening starting at 0 (consultation required)

Hair Removal
Eyebrow $ 14
Upper Lip $ 8
Chin wax starting at $ 10
Full Face $ 40
Underarm $ 15
Half arms $ 25
Full arms $ 40
Half legs $ 40
Full legs $ 65
Bikini starting at $ 18
Brazilian starting at $ 45
Back wax starting at $ 40

Make Up
Application starting at $ 30
Bridal Make Up $ 50

We invite all of you to experiance one of our fabulous treatments. Your satisfaction is our focus !